PlusArt was formed in 1975 as a design agency, primarily to service high-end clients such as John Player & Sons, Raleigh Industries and numerous major printing companies.

In the 80s, we added fashion and property to our existing markets. Elbeo, the German hosiery company (design, print and photo shoots) and Property Agents International and National Homes Network (publishing).
During the 90s, we commenced working with the UK’s No.1 property auctioneer who we are proud to say, is still one of our clients today, alongside other major property companies, national, international and worldwide.
We also successfully expanded into product design, photography and quality print, working with different industries in the UK, Europe, USA and Hong Kong.
Never was it envisaged, when the name PlusArt was born, that the word Plus, in years to come, would represent so much.

We currently enjoy long term business relationships with companies operating in various professional sectors of the market and have built an enviable reputation, along with a proven track record for quality, reliability and confidentiality.

All our clients expect and benefit from our exceptional multi-media services, which we deliver to increasingly demanding tight deadlines.

Hopefully, you will recognise the benefits of working alongside a company who cares about getting it right.